Monday, December 26, 2011

A small christmasmarket

We had a very quiet day and we all enjoyed it.
Sleeping in was really necessary for most of us, and so we did.
After that we had a light breakfast.

What a pity there was no snow at all.
It made christmas a bit strange and we didn't really had a feel of christmas until we watched TV later and sang along with the christmassongs.

One of the boys got a flat tyre of his bicycle and called he couldn't make dinner. But hey, we've got the car. So we fetched him. That was so easy.
As he's going to cook tomorrow we brought a few ingredients with us when we went to his house. He wasn't able to get them. We were.

He was quite surprised, as were all others, by the way the room was decorated.
I decided to break with the quite familiar way of decorating: socks on the door, tartan ribbons on the lamps, tinsel around the main features in the room.

I took all my small houses and put them all in the room. In front of the TV, on the large table, everywhere. Then I put plants as trees around them. Tinsel behind them, etc etc. It looked amazing and wonderful.

Some of these little houses can have batteries in them and then they shine a light.
So we had a christmasmarket on the table, just like a real one.

Merry christmas!


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