Friday, December 30, 2011

Changes in town

Another one of my favorite shops will be closing before the end of the year.
We went there today to buy a few things and say our goodbyes.
For over 18 years the small shop with among others india clothes and buddhist items has been a place to relax and have a good talk.
I also bought many presents there, cheap and expensive ones.

Most of my rings are bought there. With money that was carefully saved and after about a thousand looks before I made a good choice.

We saved some money for our last visit and today it stretched very far.
With 10 cents for a bracelet and a pendant we could buy far more than we expected.
It felt like being a child in a candyshop.

I bought a small ring to keep the happy times in my memory. When I came home I suddenly saw that it had the first letter of my name calligraphed among the curls on top.
We also bought three windchimes from india. We were told they were temple items. I´m not sure. They´re made with a lot of coins and wool. And look a bit chinese to me.
But maybe they are...and who cares.
The owner of the shop was happy they were going with us and they´ll combine fine with my buddhist items.

One step at a time my town changes from a town like home into a town of concrete and steel.
It´s not the place I want to stay forever anymore.

So when you have a job on offer or know one, let me know.
It´ll be good to be among friend and new friends.
A small house with plenty of room to grow our own vegetables, a community of kind people and plenty of nature and we´re OK.


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