Saturday, December 24, 2011

Breast implants

Some people think that soaps and other series on TV are useless timewasters.

Well. a child saw in a hospitalseries how people were reanimated and when her mother dropped on the ground she knew what to do. She checked heartneat and everything and started heartmassage. She saved her mother's life.

A few weeks ago Holby City, a BBC series, had an item about bad breast implants.
Realaity caught up with it, because noe it has been discovered that thousands and thousands of women has had a breastprotheses implanted that contained dirty fillings.
It's almost the same story as the scriptwriters of Holby City created.
Women who had their breast reconstructed or enlarged with a PIP-implant are told to go to their doctor and have the implants checked.
When they are leaking they should be removed immediately and otherwise it's strictly recommended to have them removed.

I feel very sorry for these women. Especially now most people are struggling with money I'm sure there are women among them that can't pay for another reconstruction.

Imagine having conquered cancer, gone through several operations to reconstruct what is left and then finally you're happy with how you look and than this....

And the people who made those breastimplants with second rate filling? They did it for the money.


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