Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bought new glasses today

because the health insurance is going through drastic changes and we won't be able to get any money back for glasses I had my eyes checked today.

They didn't get much worse, but to the surprise of the woman who did the examination the axis of the eye has changed.
She couldn't explain it.

The past months I've been worrying about my eyesight, as I started to see blurred when I was a bit tired.

So I certainly needed new glasses.

The past years I've had a terrible problem finding glasses I like.
The transparent ones without frame turned out the best.
I found one pair today that were rather OK. Not perfect, but OK.
Don't laugh...they're bright pink.
They make my face look healthy, the other colours made me look pale, ill and nearly dying.

Now I have to find the right colour of lipstick to go with the glasses. LOL!
And haircolor... the girls joked I have to dye my hair pink now. The colour is available. LOL!

The only problem is I don't have money now to pay for my other site...
and a giftcertificate for adgitize would mean the world to me.
So this last item is on my wishlist for my birthday now.
As is the pink lipstick and ofcourse a pink scarf.

I already have a ring to match.
One of 3 euros I had to buy last year when I fitted the ring and it wouldn't come off. LOL!
I told my girls it would come in handy in due time. glasses.... me oh my... maybe my brains needs a new axis too. LOL!


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