Friday, December 23, 2011

Big plans

As far as I know we won't have any more meetings for the paper anymore, so that leaves enough time to prepare a well organised reorganisation.

One of the items is that the paper needs to be more visible and I want to use the special events in town to be present with some nice pop up displays and an informationstand.

The photos are already available and I have a good layout in my mind. All we need are the displays, which are well worth their money.

People are attracted by those photo panels that are standing in a part of a circle.
A few years ago we had 4 of those displays standing ciclewise with the entrace away from the public and we gave women the opportunity to sit down and feed their baby in relative privacy. It was so very much appreciated that we got letters of gratitude even 6 months later.

The same panels were used a few months later to create 4 informationstands at a huge event.

That;s what I want to do with the paper too.
A few catching photo's with the logo of the paper and free hand outs.

I wish we had the opportunity to teceive a few of those panels as a christmasgift, as we can't afford them at the moment.


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