Friday, November 25, 2011

Writing done.

It's such a nice surprise to find after a long and intense day of working a small bag of licorice.
After writing a lot today I had a look in a bag to see if I had my notebook in there and found the licorice.
So I'm chewing now and enjoying the taste.

Just a small editiorial needs to be done now, and some slight adjustments because the news overhauled an article and I hate to leave the adjustments out.

But after that I can utter a high sigh.

The rest of the work is for some other people.
I've done my part of writing.

In between I managed to do three loads of laundry, feed the herd, clean a few things and listen to the kids, so they wouldn't in no way feel left out.
They're not, They know that.
But it's just a few years and then they're all having their own lives and probably their own families, so I try to enjoy family life as much as possible and make it as enjoyable as possible.

One of the girls came home with a 10 out of 10 for language. Wow!
It was a real surprise, because she doesn't get often marks that high and because she expected not very much.
I'm so happy for her.
She's in her final year and very motivated to get her diploma and start nursing school.

The past weeks she's thinking a lot about people in her life and who have contributed to the person she's become.
She said to me she wouldn't have had that 10 if I had not been so persistent in correcting her mistakes and in wanting the kids to speak proper dutch instead of some half proper dutch and half something else. Some people are chewing on the last bit of their verbs, or skip important parts of the sentence just because others understand them anyway. I also explained proverbs a lot and insisted on using them, even when they were still rather young. Now they're part of their vocabulary and she said she was so happy about that.

It's nice to see something paying off.

Now we have to get rid of that nasty cold that hangs in our town like a huge cloud.
Well, at least the mist has finally gone.


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