Thursday, November 3, 2011

School again

One of my daughters experienced another failure of school.
With a few other students she worked hard this week to finish an assignment which should end in a presentation of a special subject.
They took a lot of camerashots and all the had left to do was transmitting them from the camera to the computer and assemble them according to their plans.

They needed a cable, belonging to the camera of school.
But there was no one to take the cable from a locked room. The teachers that could do that were in a meeting and refused to help them out.
They went to almost everyone at school who could help, but none was able to and some were even not at school at all.

So they knew nothing else to do than change their whole assignment. There was no time left for anything else as the presentation is tomorrow morning.

Because the marks for the presentation are part of their final exam, I've informed the examination committee.


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