Friday, November 18, 2011

Repair your motor home now.

Owning a car, regardless of it's age, is still something we value a lot.
So I wasn't surprised the girls asked us to bring them to school tomorrow.
It's their birthday, the only day that question will be answered with a "yes".

After that we'll have one of the tires seen to.
It's slowly losing air, and we can't have that happen when the weather gets worse.
Now we can go to the garage without any problems, but after a real change of weather...

Yesterday we met the neighbour there, and he asked us what we thought about the best time for his motor home repair. That might seem a strange question, but a good friend of us comes from a family that travels in motor homes each vacation and a few times before he gave good advice to our neighbour.
So I called him and was told that right now will be fine.
Everything can be checked and repaired and then the motor home can go to it's winter lodge to wait for next spring.

Last night we had our first ugly cold night.
Already I long for spring. In fact I can't wait.
But forst the birthday of the girls.


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