Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pink Ribbon discredited

This year we saw again a lot of attention for Pink Ribbon.
People bought expensive pink stuff with the intention that a large part of their money would go to cancer research.
Others engaged themselves in sportive activities to earn sponsormoney for Pink Ribbon.
All with most of the time a lot of emotions because of memories of friends, families and others who died from cancer.

Today it was in the news that Pink Ribbon didn´t spend the money like was expected.

Only 1.8% of the 16 million euro they collected was given to cancer research.
That´s about 288.000 euro.
They saved 7 million, unclear for what.
And they saved 1 million euro as a reserve.

Spending only 1.8% instead of 15% has a name.
It´s up to the authorities to use that word when they want to follow up on this situation.


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