Thursday, November 24, 2011

The paper will be 90 %....

Another meeting at the paper.
There's more talking than writing.

Only 5 people showed up.
It became clear that I've written about 75% of all articles and it might end even in 90%.
That's not a joke.

There was one person who accepted a toparticle who didn't put even one word on paper. didn't even try! And catapulted the blame to someone else.
We had to ask him 6 times if he would start to write. Then someone else said that he might start in the weekend... he said he'd maybe give it a go!

The deadline is tomorrow evening!

As two other articles won't be realised either, that means I have to write 3 articles tomorrow. Like I have nothing else to do.

I've never ever seen such mess.
A bad organisation, volunteers who are on the list only by name, people who promiss articles and don't write a word, someone who is not able to do the job and is send to interview, a headeditor who doesn't even take the time to review articles in time and.. most amusing, an opinion-paper's head editor who is surprised to receive and article with an opinion. He's going to place it as a colum.

Let's say I'm free for a paid job as a journalist at a paper that is organised and delivers me coworkers I can WORK!!! with.


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