Monday, November 14, 2011

Our former coins back?

The economical situation calls for cut backs for everyone. Well, maybe not for the richest, but the guys and galls from the street will feel the recession in their stomachs and wallets.

Louder than ever the people dream about our former coin, which was not dependent upon poor european countries who now pull the euro down and into a crisis.

The only good thing of our minority government is that they agree that some research should be done into the come-back of the gulden.

I doubt however if the consequences on the long run will be as positive as we wish them to be.

We don't have a stable country anymore, where all people are welcome and tolerance and freedom of speech are matters of respect.

Even though the government want to ignore it: we do have poor people, we do have beggars and we do have illegal people who live in obscure places.
The political decisions whioch have been made in the recent past have contributed to the downfall of our country, and it will get even worse than it is now.

It's hypocritical to think that only on other countries loans are the problem of the recession. People have loaned themselves to bits here too.
I've always been proud to be one of the very few who have paid everything we own, even though we never went on vacation.
In a way I regret we haven't done what others did: buy a car, a house, a couch, a swimmingpool, a wintervacation and some exotic summervacation all on loans.

Right now we haven't had this all, and we're just as poor as others.
We can hardly make ends meet, and today the 13th has been a true almost full moon day, as two of the boys kind of went bezirk because we couldn't give them what they want: new computers.

No Sinterklaas for us (that's our gift-event on december 5th, instead of on christmas), no Santa Claus either. Just the darn rotten artificial tree and some plain food.

The girls will celebrate their birthday.
The boys are already jealous.
They don't even realise I worry that we have to go and live smaller... but how on earth will we find something smaller?


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