Friday, November 11, 2011

No voice

Today I woke up and found out my voice is nothing but a whisper and sometimes a scraping ugly something of humanlike noise.
Apart from that, the pain was no fun either.

I tried to keep as quiet as possible...which is in comparison to others still very busy, because I've planned my round of interviews tomorrow.

Oh, how I hate this!

I had some phonecalls to make, had to visit a store to ask if they wanted to advertise (we still need a 1000 euro for the next edition), and make some appoitnments for tomorrow. I had to skip it all.

I'm not the kind of person who leans back on the couch and let the world live on, not at all.
Especially not when the cable tv is disturbed again.

In the afternoon I got a fever. Isn't life fun?

It's comforting to know I didn't give my kids anything of it. They were coughing already.


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