Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Messing around

Yesterday we spend almost all afternoon on mathematics. Explaining, making exercises.
It was like nothing else existed.

So today was kind of strange.
No articles that needed to be written, no maths, only laundry, cleaning and all that about which men think it´s made for women.

With the changes in the house nothing seems to have a place of it´s own. Like I have to reinvent everything.
Not really a problem as long as there´s no need for people to live there. LOL!

But there´s always someone at home who has to go to precisely the place I need to use.
In the past the change to winterclothes seemed to be a whole toodoo, but I can tell you, with almost grown up people it´s worse.
Just when you´ve put a blouse away they need it.
Just when you´ve cleaned the floor and it´s still wet.... they walk on it.

Well, I was used to small kids, they´re only larger now, I tell myself.

I´ve asked the neighbour if she knows someone with smaller children than mine, so I can give the clothes away with out the kids being told they´re wearing ours.
Let´s see where I put them.....


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