Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Me oh my!

The more I work for the paper the more I see why it needs reorganisation.
Me oh my!

End of the afternoon I put my flu in the closet and went to a kind of market for non-profit organisations and businesspeople. The market was to bring requests of the organisations under the attention of the business people and they might be able to help.
Either because they can give, for example, their old materials a second life (we needed furniture) or they can give advice.

I was supposed to meet with one of the other people of the paper, but he didn't show up. Grrr.

I didn't like the market, because it was pure chaos. People who were supposed to assist enjoyed talking to their friends far more than helping people. people tried to be first, well, you know that bit ofcourse.
It was a delight to be outside again.

I called my son and we went to an interview.
The person who had to do it, didn't know anything about how to interview people. He kept on talking about himself, was not able to summarise and he didn't even thank for the interview.
It was a plain mess.
I tried to built a line in questioning, but at the moment that the person at the other end of the table was about to make a statement we could use he came babbling through it. Grrrr...

After that I sat in on a debate evening about care and financial consequences.
When I came outside it was sooooo co-o-o-o-old. My coat was not able to make me feel a bit warm, so we called home to ask someone to bring a warm coat to the railwaystation. That was a relief!

Now I have to write a load of articles, because we lack writers.

I would have been gone there, but it's the paper of a friend.


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