Wednesday, November 30, 2011

His computer broke money to...

Can't say today was a day to enjoy. Ugh.

The computer of my autistic son broke down. Really broke down.
And as it's the only thing that makes him happy...

It was plain drama.
First he stated he had no guarantee anymore because his brother had installed an extra fan, and that merely stopped when I told him his brother is licensed to do so. Well, it took him an hour to digest this.

Then it was this, than it was that.

And then ofcourse the moneyproblem poppd up.
We don't have the money for a new!

I understand that's quite frustrating, but it's even more so when you refuse to do anything else. There are movies on TV, plenty of interesting books to read. Sportgames to play and do.

So it was autism on top. Ugh!
That's the problem of being a sahm in this case. Ther's no escape possible.

On top of it all I had been to the dentist this morning and got a shot of painkiller so close near the facial nerve that I couldn't close my eye and felt like half of my nose belonged to the neighbours.
It was nice, I didn't feel a scratch, not even from the shots themselves.
But it took all day to wear off, and it hurt, really hurt. I even feared the facial nerve would be damaged permanently. (Happened to an aunt.)
Well, nothing like that is the case.
But those two things added together made me thank heaven when he went to bed.


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