Monday, November 7, 2011

Great, large and a lot more

The girls had a good time yesterday.

The workshop dance was a success for both, even though I could see only one of the girls as the performances were at the same time.

They both enjoyed the other workshops± singing and make-up, even though the girl who went to the last said she knew everything already.

The building we were was huge. Not wide, but tall.
We had to go 5 stories high on role staircases (There's another word for it but I can't remember at the moment). It was kind of sick to go that high.
There is an elevator in the building, but it goes very slow. Imagine a fire! Brrrr..

The panorama look over the city was nice, we could see the harbour at the other side of the town.

Turned out they had far too much of almost everything, so the parents got ice-creams too, we got drinks for on our way home and were offerent a 1000 liters of milk. So I thought that good for the free food distribution.

We were happy to leave the building, because it was far too warm there. Imagine to go to school there and have ballet lessons. Ugh...


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