Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Chrismasmarket

Another saturday.

We were a bit late today to get the groceries, because we first had to go to another town to fetch a present for our son. He ordered it online, forgetting we had to fetch it today. Ugh.
But we were in time.

Then we went to Germany to get our groceries.
Last week it was written in the paper that the differences in price for groceries between our country and Germany was not as large anymore, well, they were wrong.
But you have to watch closely what to buy.

The potatoes are far larger and better, and cheap enough to create a difference. The same goes for the vegetables. The chinese cabbage looks better and tastes better and is not even half the price as it is here.
The same goes for many other things, including drinks.

When we went back it was already dark.
Then we saw lots of lights and it turned out there was a christmasmarket beside the road.
What a pity we really had to go home and make dinner for the kids, otherwise we would have gone there for a quick look.

Maybe they'll have another christmasmarket next week?


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