Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The past week and this week are weeks of extremes.
We've had tremendous mist, which caused horrible accidents on the roads.
We were lucky there was no need to go somewhere, as one could hardly see more than a small line of light.

About 15 years ago we had such terrible mist too.
we came from a neighbouring town after a nice evening out, and were surprised by the white closed in world.
We were by car, but it was not safe to drive faster than a bicycle, if not slower.
The only solution we saw to arrive home in one piece was by me walking in front of the car, listening if I could hear something and walking on the middle line of the road.
We passed a policecar and they stopped us.
We explained what we were doing and they thought it to be a very wise decision, seeing that that road was not used much. Yep, that was why we went home that way.
They asked if they could drive with us, and so I walked 2 cars to the main road, where huge lights were able to give an impression where to go.

We came home safe and the precious babysitter was able to go home. She lived only a few doors away, but we joked about her finding her way home and not going inside the wrong house.

The other extreme is the low level of the river.
Ships can load only half their cargo and have to be very precise to follow the middle part.
It looks beautiful in this weather: the dark large rising sides and the small river between the brown sand.

Wish I had a good camera....


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