Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A diversity on tuesday

Yep, a diversity.
It has been just one of those days that never stop keeping one busy.

The computer of my auti-son broke down due to malfunctioning of a fan.
Yes, he can read, watch movies, help in the house and keep himself busy.
No, he didn't do that.
His routine was broken and that has consequences. Ugh!

On of the older boys came home to get the drill.
It wasn't here and I told him so.
But his dad thought it was.
Later in the evening it turned out I was right. Haha!

One of the girls came home with extra homework.
She's dyslectic and needs more time to read a text than other people, and she needs to concentrate to do a bit more too.
When she couldn't manage to get a text read in the lesson she was told to read a booklet at home on the computer.

I needed that computer for my work... so it isn't finished now.
Not really a problem as I gave myself a deadline without an official one, but it means more work tomorrow.

The day went on just like that, one problem after another.

As the cherry on the cream I hurt my knee. To be precise: the lateral collateral ligament. I stepped to my computerchair and that was it.

Maybe I should stay in beed tomorrow and hide. LOL!


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