Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday presents.

They've outgrown their childhood and are entering a complete different world of making choices for the future.
Their 16th birthday feels kind of strange.
Ofcourse my memories of their birth are like it happened yesterday, but I also see the lady in them.

Their birthdaywishes are moderate, but I know they would love to receive far more than they wish.
They love horse riding and would love to get equestrian riding apparel as a present.
Investing in it should also involve far more riding lessons than they've got, so a present like this is out of reach for us.

They both got a new watch and a nice bracelet, ordered online.
We gave it before they went to bed, so they could think about wearing it tomorrow.
One of the girls got a japanese bowl, the other a statue of a balletdancer to hang her rings on.

I don't know what the older boys have in store for them.
All I know is that there's no need for me to prepare dinner as they will cook it.

I think it's great that their birthday is on a friday. It means no homework and a whole weekend to enjoy all the attention.


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