Saturday, November 5, 2011


The girls are going to a special event tomorrow.
Once in a few months brothers and sisters of special needs kids are treated with a relaxing day.

Tomorrow is the last day the girls can partcipate, then they have to stop or they have to become a volunteer.

It's the best day ever, I expect, as it's held at one of our national balletacademies.
It's a place where the famous regularly act as guestteacher.

Tomrrow they're going to have a workshop dance and one of them a workshop singing and one of them something else. LOL! I've forgotten what, because they both love ballet.

Rumour goes that at least one of our national famous artists will be there.
As one of my girls want to become a balletdancer it's a great opportunity to ask questions.

This evening I went through the list of teachers of the school and to my surprise I saw some well known names.
Maybe I'll see some of them, my former pupils.
That would be nice.

I'll spend the day with their father.
He has troubles walking at the moment and I injured one of my knee ligaments, so we won't go far. LOL!
That's a pity as we won't have the opportunity often anymore to go to that part of the country.

We have to leave here at 6 in the morning. Ough!


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