Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another pile gone

Today we collected the working gear of one of our sons, as he has to bring it back to his former employer.
3 trousers, lots of blouses, sweaters, a large coat with winterlining, and a lot of small stuff like ties and badges.
A large box full of carefully folded clothes is the result and tomorrow it will be gone.

Now the temperatures are below zero we've exchanged a lot of clothes, but there are still lots of piles to be worked through. It'll give a nice tidy-up to the wardrobes and the house. It's a hard job to keep up with the clutter urge of the male parts of the household.

Today I also wrote a few articles, but not as many as I planned.
I've got a very nasty cold.

2 days to go and then the girls will be celebrating their birthday.
Some of the boys have created nice surprises.
The girls will be 16.
What a pity I can't give them a sweet sixteen party.


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