Friday, November 18, 2011

Another one who faked his researchdata.

I always said one can't distinguish the good and bad professors by the amount of publications they write and the frequency they speak on conferences.
In fact, I never had much adoration for those who frequented the social events and lacked contact with patients/clients. Many of them kept talking about that one discovery they made, without any progress in their views and research.
Resting on that one discovery they made, resting on their laurels and resting rich.
Me oh my, if I could earn their wages and make so many travels I would be a much more interesting person....maybe.

Yes, Maybe.

I warned that people would start faking data.
Some already did so when they were my students, and even then they were too stupid to do it well enough, so they got caught.
Or maybe I was too keen to catch them. Watching for too perfect data, or those data with just one or two exceptions, or questionnaires filled in in the same way, and other tricks I won'ty mention here, because they're still used.

It's a certain personality that matches these acts.
Most of these science cheaters are people who have large ego's that are very susceptible for fame and praise. They are very socially active and are very able to deal with people. They have a certain kind of charm and they think they can blind everyone.

That lack of self criticism and honesty makes them fail and disrespect their responsibility.


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