Friday, November 4, 2011

And school again

To my surprise I had a mail asking the name of my daughter.
Her name was in the mail and I signed off with her and my surname.

In a way I was glad this important man of the exam,ination committee was not able to make from 1 and 1 a 2.

Today they (she and 2 others) tried to present their subject.
The person who told them to choose a subject and agreed with their choice seemed to have forgotten that. They needed to read a few booklets, but not all booklets.

My daughters was asked about a subject that was not her choice at all, and one of the others of her group took the time to look through all the booklets and she said that the subject was not mentioned in them.

I'm not sure of that person can be blamed.
The organisation that dealt with this project this week relies heavily on volunteers and people who haven't finished their studies.

Interesting is that these very same people decide on the results of this week and today's presentation, and these results make up 20% of the final examresults.
That's not allowed at all! They don't even have a proper diploma and are not certified to make such decisions.

I wonder what this school will answer.


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