Thursday, December 1, 2011

And glasses are broken...

She slipped into our lives and slowly won our hearts: our future daughter in law.
We already had the car in front of our house (it was our torun today) when our son called that they needed it as the grandfather of his girlfriend was dying.

A day after this the granddad is still alive much to everyone's surprise. After 2 strokes and a heart attick he's suffering from a lunginfection.
Today treatment was stopped, the whole family was on top of their toes from stress, but nothing much happened.

So in the afternoon we had the car a short time to get the groceries in.

My autistic son's computer is broken and that's a real tragedy as it's his lifeline, his everything.
Luckily he was adviced by some people and he needed a part that the oldest had, so we went there, had a talk about the paper, and went home again.
Pity to say the part didn't fix the problem. Maybe it's the videocard.

When we were sitting downstairs, talking about how to get matters settled, one of our daughters came down...with broken glasses. Sigh.

I don't know where to get the money from, so when you know a job online, please let me know.

On top of it all I was right thinking the dentist-assistant hit the facial nerve.
It's still very painful up to my eye, and when I smile one side of my lips witdraws further than at the other side.
But it's the least of my worries.


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