Thursday, October 13, 2011


I thought to use the bit of free money I had on buying a present for the girls upcoming birthday. It's still a month to go, but time flies and right now I have that small bit of money available.

So I searched the worldwide auctionsite and found the girls some outstanding watches. They were in nice colours, and of a design that can't be found here in the shops. I kept a close look on them and stayed up far after midnight to get the right bid. The first and last.

Yesterday morning they arrived and they were awesome.
I wrapped them carefully and put them away.

In the evening I had to go to a meeting with my oldest son and he told me he had ordered...yep...a watch online for one of the girls.
He gave a description that didn't match those I ordered, but nevertheless.
It makes my present useless.

Buying presents for a 16th birthday is challenging.
One of them loves anime and cute things, prefers pink and lace clothes.
The other loves beads, is more down to the ground, wants useful things and prefers warm spritve clothes or ballet items.

They both love horses.

So ideas are welcome.


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