Friday, October 7, 2011

Steel bracelets

The friend of my daughters who underwent surgery earlier this week is recovering well.
She enjoyed the visit of one of my girls and she's part of the plans for this weekend.

She's a very kind person and I sense she's not getting all the attention she needs from her own family, so we don't mind doing something extra, like driving all the way up to her place and buying presents for her. Don't think personal attention ifs forgotten, because that's most important of it all, but a present is nice to see before you go to sleep and when you wake up. It makes you feel connected to the world when you're ill and hidden between 4 walls.

yesterday evening we had a look at steel bracelets. She's a very sportive type and can wear something like that.
We've seen awesome ones but decided they would suit one of the friends of the boys beter, the prize considering.
A small gift should also go with a small attack on the wallet.

But there was enough inspiration created to finish a beading project and we decided to look for a nice scarf.


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