Thursday, October 27, 2011

So it was "no"!

This morning I got a mail.
It was delayed for some reason as it was dated late yesterday afternoon, and it sure wasn't in the inbox by 23.00 hours.

Well it was there.

Yes, we were the only family in her research.
Yes, the presentation was for professionals of the whole of the eastern part of my country.

So she planned a presentation before she even had seen us! Before she conducted her research!
No wonder we were put under pressure!

One of my sons was nearly harrassed to be present on a time he wasn't even in town.

Well, considering everything: the way we were informed and not informed, the lack of reliability of the tests at our age, the inability to provide data because we have no one who can fill in a gigantic list of questions about our own youth... but also the way her research was set up, the results she expected which couldn't even be gotten from her researchdesign. And considering the complete lack of care for our anonimity... everyone who knows us will recognise us in the presentation of the results and everyone who doesn't know is yet will recognise us when they meet us...
Considering this all I had no other option than to decide that we should stop with our cooperation.

So I called the girls who had arrived nearly at the corner of the street where she conducts her research and I told them what I thought would be a good decision and they completely agreed.
Then I informed the other kids and they were happy about the decision too.

So we were able to get all our groceries in today.
We even found two cakes for a very small prize.

And I was able to go to the meeting of the paper this evening and try to solve some issues.

On my mind now is the question why this person involves herself in mindfulness and meditation.
To go the buddhist path is to be respectful towards all living beings.
I don't think that talking about mindfulness and meditation has resulted in anything good, looking at the way we were treated.

Well, we had something else to think about for a while.


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