Friday, October 7, 2011

Skin disorders and soap

You won't believe how many skindisorders can manifest in a family of 8.
Psoriasis, eczema, some other skinproblems and ofcourse acne.
Each individual needed individual attention and medication and sometimes I got irritated because of all the bottles, boxes and soaps.

The past time however things seem to have become a lot better.
We've introduced mud soap.
Don't think I emerge each skin disordered person in a bath with filthy looking clay to soak and become discoloured. Not at all.

Mud soap is a product that deeply cleans the skin in a very gentle way. It contains minerals that feed the skin and moisturise it, so it won't irritate and dehydrate like a lot of other soaps and soapy products.
We tried it all: washing liquids, gels, soaps, granules, lotions, milks.
But since we have the soap in the bathroom the symptoms of the skindisorders have become less and the amount of bottles and boxes had been reduced to an aboslute minimum.


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