Friday, October 7, 2011

She needs to be in medical scrubs

One of the girls should work a day at a place of her choice to get an idea of what needs to be done on a dayshift. As she's interested to follow a carreer either in nursing or in daily care for small children she has asked a friend if she needs a hand at her job of childminder. The answer was "yes" but she had to wear proper medical scrubs and put her hair in a bum or in any other way to remove it from her face and away from grasping little hands.

Ofcourse the shop in town only has the usual scrubs. The green, white and blue ones. So we had a look at internet and to our surprise a whole new world opened.
There are scrubs with flower, christmas images, little owls, cherries on black and a whole lot more. They go under the name of Mary Engelbreit, do you can imagine there's more to it that only a lovely pattern. There are elegant rims, print-and-solid tri-band along bottom, and a lot more additions that make these scribs wearable outside the workingplace too.

Like I expected the choice was made soon: cherries on black. Perfect for the job, perfect for this time of year.
Ordering online was easy and fast.
So guess who has the honor of keeping a close look at the mail?


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