Monday, October 3, 2011

Record and sunday

Today the weather was unbelievable again. Summer at oktober 3, is a record.
Only now I realise we wanted to go to the woods for a walk and to reap nuts and such. We forgot.
Partly because on of the boys needed the car to go swimming with his girlfriend.
When he brought the car back we were already talking about dinnertime. Our autistic boy and his father were expected at the oldest for dinner.
In the meantime we cleaned the room of my autistic boy as far as possible and as long as time before dinner reached. He hates it when someone cleans his room, mainly because of putting stuff back at it's place.

I took the time to wash and dry his bedstuff and put the sheets etc back on.

We want to paint the walls, but that should be done when the temperature is lower.


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