Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The changes in society can be observed everywhere and under all circumstances.
Today the results of some research were published: 25% of the policemen won't react in risky situations.

Quite some peoople say they understand this, as the public has become more agressive.

I don't like generalisations and that's all the publication of these researchfindings seems to generate.

People start to complain about all policemen writing too many tickets, all policemen sitting on their bodyparts which are meant to be sat on instead of writing reports of criminal facts, etc etc.

Others complain about all young people being agressive and they conveniently forget to talk about football hooligans and the other 99.9% of young people who behave well and don't even like to disturb others.

Fact is that we have lost our neighbourhoodpoliceman. There should be one... somewhere... maybe hidden behind a tree, but I don't know him. I've never seen him in all the 30 years we're living here.
The policeman of the neighbourhood of my childhood knew all people. So he knew how to control people. Some by threatening to tell the parents, some by taking them for a while to the policestation and others by being friendly and taking them serious.
That policeman got respect...and coffee. LOL!

It's said the present policemen are not trained well.
That might be part of the problem, but not all.
The motivation to become a policeman is the main element of self respect. When you know you became a policeman because it makes you look well, you will be insecure.

I'm waiting for the discussion of tomorrow.


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