Thursday, October 13, 2011

A new bathtub

The bathtub needs replacement.
Ofcourse it would be nice to go for the easy option and have it removed and replaced by a showercabin, but I have always used my bath for more than showering alone.
It always came in handy to soak sleepingbags and bedcovers, have some large items cleaned and hang woolen wear to drip out and dry.

I would love to have a clawfoot bathtub.
Not only because it looks marvelous, but also because it's so very convenient to clean.
You can stand far closer to the tub than we can now and you can clean underneath without any problems.

We now have a bath in the is closed on the front. It looks built-in. You know what I mean.
Whenever you have to go underneath the bath, because of leakage, you have to remove a panel and be courageous to stick your head underneath, either to use a bright lamp and you'll see every tiny spider, or a dimmed light and scratching whereever you feel itching.
I'm quite ready cleaning the plateau where the family members put all their shampoos and soaps.

A clawfoot bathtub would also a wonderful combination with the new closet we bought last month. Maybe we could even inspire the houseowner to allow coverage of those 1960 tiles with a wallvinyl like they have in the hospital here. It's so beautiful and so easy to clean, allowing absolutely no moist to get into the wall.

Oh, it makes me dreaming about a far better house.


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