Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Living in another way

Today we had a good talk with some of the kids to make clear huge changes will be made to keep our family financially sound.
For some autistic children it's very difficult to adjust to different food, less desserts and things like that.

Changes need to be very drastic.
Everything is getting more expensive. The house, education, healthcare, clothes and everything else. And the income is not keeping in pace. The minister doesn't want to grant an increase in income, but yet we have to pay such a lot more for healthcare alone the next year that we won't be able to live the way we do.
Problem is we already were living very sober.

In the past we've had other times in which we had to cut back a lot. But with small children it was a lot easier. All was concentrated around their healthy and good meals and the rest just went OK. They had all they needed and I made a huge pan with thick soup when we had the ingredients and put portions in the freezer for when we were really hungry.

Now we're dealing with puberty driven girls and adolescent boys we're dealing with so much more.
The living standard is much higher now, school more demanding and everything is so much more expensive.

Well, we'll see how things will go.
Right now we've made some plans to cut costs, and I hope they're able to stick to it.
Wish we had some land to grow our own vegetables.


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