Monday, October 31, 2011

The last night before....

Yes, it's the last night before we're going online with the paper.
That means, it was online, but it has now a complete different look and a new set-up.

People have been working very hard, and we will be working even harder the time following tomorrow morning.

This weekend a lot of news items popped up, but we're going to bring the news of the day, and not the news of yesterday.

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to the local occupy group and see if they want to act normal to us.
The local papers have hushed up about them and no news is found about them anywhere.
Either the demonstration didn't take place yesterday, or the press doesn't want to deal with them anymore.
A perfect chance for us.

And if not, we're going home and that's it.

In the meantime I'm filling in the forms for my autistic son who wants to live a bit more independent from home.
I think it's a wise decision, because he won't have a chance for any independency when he doesn't take that step now. All those reforms in healthcare are not of any benefit of those who need care. If he doesn't move now, he won't be able to leave home unless he wants to go to a psychiatric facility.
That's nothing for him, but it's also getting more difficult to live with an adult extra in the home.

I hope tomorrow will be as nice as today, so I can do in the garden what I wanted to do last week. see...always planning more than a day has hours. :)


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