Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladylike helmets, not only for fashion

Yesterday the girls went dancing with their friends on a computer dancing program.
They had a lot of fun.
When they were tired they sat down and ofcourse the subject went to the other half of the population: the male part.

One of them was asked to go to a party on a motor, but she didn't know what to do and asked the other girls for advice.

I had to laugh when one of my daughters asked her if she had a helmet. She hit the core of the matter.
"No, ofcourse not. I don't like helmets, they scare me."
My daughter answered here that there are also very nice helmets for women, take for instance the scorpion exo-700 dahlia graphic helmet. It's available in a black base with red dahlias, but also in a white with pink dahlia's.

Last week she was in the room when one of her brothers and a friend where discussing helmets and it was clear she learned a lot from it. So she told her friends why the helmet was designed auro-tuned, who certain features were added for extra protection, and that other features were added not only for confort, but also to protect the inside from getting moist.

I felt so proud!

She made clear that helmets are of utmost importance and that the first concern should be safety, but that fashion sure could be important too.


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