Friday, October 7, 2011

Junk on the road

Traffic around our town is always a bit of a mess because one side of town only can be approached by using a bridge. And when cars habe taken that bottleneck they are confronted with lots of signs and trafficlights. When you don't know where to go, you need to gamble, because it's almost impossible to read all the signs.
So trafficjams are a normal sight in the morning and evening, and often in between too.

This morning those who haven't chosen for the train already blamed themselves for not doing so because they were confronted with a new issue.
Not the buildingtraffic of houses or the closure of strokes due to rebuilding parts of the road, no. There was junk on the road. Plenty of it.

What kind of waste it was and where it came from is unknown.
All I know is that it was there very early, at about 7.00 hours, so it wouldn't have come from one of those huge junk containers that are driven from one side of the country to another. They're not on the road by then.

The consequence of using the public road as a waste place was a 10 km long traffic jam. On the radio people were warned they should calculate about 25 minutes extra time for their way to work.

Pity most people turn on the radio when they're on the bridge to leave town.


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