Thursday, October 13, 2011

A journalist

I'm officially a journalist again.
The local paper needs a good revival and I'm happy to use all the experience and knowledge as a journalist, motivator, and a lot more.

We've got the green light to start the paper in a refreshed way. Not as a sleeping online version of the prented paper, but as a new actuality paper.

It'll be hard work, especially in the beginning as the team is very small and we have to overpower a regional paper with a partly local edition which is owned by some superbusiness and written by professionals.

We're dealing with volunteers and we need 1500 euro right now.
But I feel we're able to do what needs to be done and maybe something will happen that enables us to hand over the money to the head editor.
I'm sure there are good people outside who value the effort to modernise a volunteer-run local paper of almost 30 years.

The fact that papers are able to survive made me think that this one too should be run as a business. No people anymore who write one bad piece of text in 3 months and who proudly claim to be a journalist, but hard working people who can be proud because they gave it all.
Maybe it'll even result in a real income.
Time for the professionals to advice us.


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