Monday, October 17, 2011

A good square 50 cms of cakes with raspberrycream, ahhh....

It's been terribly cold and today I was able to wear one of my favorite cardigans. Not that I longed to wear it during the summer. But the shivers go up and down my back when I'm sitting quietly here and crawling inside a large bubble of wool is so very convenient.

Yesterday I spent a nice day with my oldest son and a trainticket to travel through the country.
Ofcourse we visited our favorite shops in Amsterdam.
Then we wanted to go to Alkmaar, because this was one of the last opportunities to travel everywhere for free.
Maybe because of the weather, or the busy market, or the low sun,... but we didn't like the town very much.
We walked into a bookshop to feel a bit warmer again and there I found my favorit book I had been looking for for such a long time. For almost half the price. Lucky me!

After that we went to our favorite town Haarlem, where I found a very nice buddhism bead in the smallest shop with the most buddhas. It was a few minutes before closing time that we left there.

On the market we saw the bakery we love so much: "'t Stoepje".
They were trying to get rid of their last items, just what we needed. So we got a bag and could fill it for 5 euro. Which we did with enthousiasm. When we thanked him and paid he walked away and I was a bit suprised, because he never acts like that. There's always a smile and a lot of kindness and a welcoming joke was the absolute minimum.
But within a few moments he was back with a very large box with special cakes.
He said I should walk away without saying anything and enjoy it all with the kids.
A good square 50 cms of cakes with raspberrycream, ahhh....

It took quite an effort to get them home without messing them up, but we managed to do so.
Which was quite something, because we went to the beach for a quick fish dinner. It was yummy, but it was too cold to dip my feet in the water or to go walking.

We were so tired that we slept in the train half of the time.

But it was a nice day.


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