Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good plans

A new meeting this evening, and it was a short one too.
Within the hour we dealt with an interesting list of subjects and we were all content about the outcome.

Problem is that I seem to be the only active writer, so the next weeks will be extremely busy. But interesting.

With all the political developments there's enough to write about.
The occcupy movement has inspired a group of people in our town too to set up their tents and the similar comments as everywhere else were made too: go and work and that sort of things.
Most people who protest have work, and took a few days off to join the core of protesters. There's a lot of goodwill and I heard quite some people state they will bring cookies and hot chocolate. If they'll all do it at once when can flood the river. LOL!

I was glad with such a smooth meeting. The most negative person wasn't present, and the person who kind of coordinates things was very happy with the developments on almost all areas.

So I was at home relatively early and could sit down for a talk with one of the children.


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