Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good decision

She was one of the people who were non-caring the past year.
I remember thinking her for the attention and non-care and closing the door as fast as possible. That was quite something as it's my habit to watch people walk down the gardenpath and entering the street, waving goodbye, until I can't see them anymore.

Her daughter had an accident and needed surgery.
The surgery was planned a week after the accident.

Both my daughters were friends and they wanted to visit the daughter but were told "no".
The whole way of dealing with a young person who had pain and had to go through the stress of waiting for surgery seemed to be weird. No company of friends at a time that everyone can do with a listening ear, a shoulder, distraction? As the week moved on we got a feeling of child abuse, of not allowing someone contact with friends. A few minutes on internet with the girl strengthened our feelings.

So I decided my girls would visit her in the hospital or at her home at the second day after surgery.

This afternoon my daughter called to ask what time would be convenient, and we brought her there.
When we arrived to fetch her the mother just left the house to post an envelope.
She acted nice and kind, thanked us for bringing our daughter and enabling friends to see each other, and she even asked how I was doing. I seemed so stressed last time she saw me.
I kept my calm and said I was doing fine as life has taken it's normal turn again and that I was stressed indeed when she last saw me, because people treated us as unfair as possible and caused much pain. Then I asked her how she was doing.
She said that dealing with a child in pain was hard, and she was ever so happy my daughter told her she was coming. Both girls had such a good time together and please would she and her sister ( who had far too much homework) come soon again?

So we made a good decision when we said we would go there, no matter what.


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