Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A good day for a girl

We were supposed to hear something about the audition this past weekend, but we got the message today. As expected my daughter was not through and we were quite happy with it, after all.
She wanted the experience of the audition and was only partly interested in the musical. That's why she didn't sing.
So she sounded quite happy when she called me to tell the outcome.

I think they didn't take her because she's too young and she's legally only allowed a certain amount of hours traning and performing.
Looking at the amount of hours of practice for the weeks until christmas, she sure would have lost her grip on this schoolyear.

This evening she had a her regular balletclass.
Last week she informed her teacher about her plans to go to the balletacademy and she asked him if he thought she would succeed. He said she sure could do so.
He's a former teacher of that very same academy and he knows what's required.

Today he started to check her technical knowledge.
I'm so glad I've taught her a lot on that area.
He's going to ask her things each week.

The positive feel was strengthened by the remark of one of the women that she saw that my daughter had grown a whole cm during the past weeks. So sweet to say something like that.

Her brother fetched her and brought her home.
It's already dark now and autumn has started well.

With just a bit of homework as a dessert for the day she said: "It was a good day for this girl".

Yes, it was.


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