Friday, October 7, 2011


I already know the feelings I had today.
Suddenly the wonderful weather has changed and it's the old fashioned grey and dark autumn again.
Like you switch the tv off after a wonderful movie and long for the music.

I haven't been on a vacation for so long now that a friend said to me it was time to break my life long retreat and move to other countries.

Well, it's a time of renweal, that's clear.

After a good talk my daughter has reviewed her options at school and has chosen other subjects. Rather inconvenient now the schoolyear is already a month old, but it should be possible.
She needed the time to make her choices without distraction.
She had chosen for a balletcarreer, if possible. The choreography classes she's doing now are as much an inspiration to her as choreography has been for me. She's aware of her chances of being enabled to attend the academy, but she will dance anyway.
If she can't become a choreographer or balletteacher she's going to be a yoga teacher.

All evening I bumbed against sites with Lama Tulku Lobsang, who will be in my country during a few days at the beginning of november. He's offering studies of Tibetan yoga and medicine.
It's like an old light has been ignited again. Wish I could study it too.
But I have to be realistic.
No money.


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