Friday, October 14, 2011

The flowers are arranged

One of my friends abroad is planning her wedding.
She's been busy with it quite a while now, but due to family circumstances she has to move the date forward and cancell some arrangements.

When I heard this I felt that sending her excuberant gifts is not done, so I called her and she said she would love to have flowers. Especially flowers that match with her wedding bouquet.
When I asked her which flowers she decided on she said she didn't know yet.
So that helped a lot. LOL!

Sending flowers from here is quite some job, so I said I wante to fulfil her wishes but had some serious concerns.
She already thought about that and I was told to have a look at

So I did.

She gave me great advice and I want to give it to you.
You can even order flowers or a coupon and pay with facebook credits.

I was happy to get in contact with a florist who knows what to do when he receives my friend's flowerchoice. I got a huge discount, both on the flowers and chipping and because of this very positive experience I decided to use another coupon to send chocolates to my friend to sweeten the days before her marriage.

Ofcourse the site can also be used for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and other occassions, so bookmark it.


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