Monday, October 31, 2011

A family of journalists

Something funny is going on.

In our family we have a few professions which return generation after generation: balletdancers, photographers and writers.
The professions often concern one family and it's not a direct genetic inheritance we're talking about.

For many years we thought we were one of the two balletfamilies with our familyname, as I and my children (except one) were balletdancers, and my nephew and his children were. (His granddad was the brother of my gram).

Two families in our generation consister of photographers and photographer/writers.

Then my son became a photographer.

In the past I had an education as journalist and magazineproducer, I worked for a while but when I got children I quit the job and sometimes used my skills to work freelance, but mainly I volunteered to help others.

Then my skills were needed for a volunteer-run paper. My son the photographer already worked there, my other son was asked for ITC. Soon things changed.
My computer son had to do writing jobs too and it turned out the paper didn't only need writers, the also needed someone to run the rest.

And now my son the photographer will be trained in camerawork and writingskills too.

One of my daughters loves to write novels.

In total that means we've got two dyslectic kids and the rest of the family is in the writing business. Including their dad who writes the reports for the place where he works.

The focus of the family has shiften from washing balletgear, to being prepared to hunt for news.
We haven't lost the balletconnection completely though, the girls still have balletlessons and I would love to have an in between job as a choreographer. I'll breing my own photographer. LOL!


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