Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fake buddhist

Today we had a meeting at the school of the girls.
We landed in a room with a tibetan holy text on the wall and a free tibet sticker on the agenda. With my mala around my wrist it seemed to be the perfect combination to care for the wellbeing of my daughter.


The guy either loved to hear himself or thought that by talking on and on and never give the chance to the other party to say a word the meeting would be over sooner.
Like all other people at that school a simple remark was seen as an attack, feedback was considered unwanted and subjects that were important (and matter of criticism) were told to be not important at all.
He only wanted to bring his message across: they were doing everything right, my daughter could refuse to take part in the cross country run of 10 km, get a renwed chance to do something like that and if she wouldn't or couldn't do it she would get a 1. Which is the lowest mark here. The 1 could be compensated, so there would be no problem.

There is a real problem! An untrained person is forced to run the most difficult cross country run in the area of 10 km almost untrained. It's considered a trainingsrun for well trained professionals!
We feel we're not heard that the risk to get injured is considered very high by the organisation.
The person in front of us hides himself behind statements that the schoolinspection has considered this a realistic subject (The schoolinspection has nothing to do with it, the ministery had to agree with the way subjects are taught) and that he has spoken with the regional organisation of atletics. I'm not impressed by these arguments, because he's a representative of the pupils that train for topsports, not for the normal pupils. They would never ever have agreed with only 6 to 8 weeks of training for a professional run, training without supervision, without coach, without the teacher.

When he tells me that he took part in the run himself last year I doubt his statement seriously. There is someone with his surname on the list, and I've seen the photos of that person and it's not him.

When we leave the meeting we feel like escaping from a terrible event.
That guy is responsible for his own karma.
He sure has displayed nothing of what makes a buddhist.


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