Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dental hygienist?

Today the photos of my son the photographer were in the regional paper. He was proud, but he was also a bit used to the fame. It wasn't the first time.

I went to the dentist.
I was getting out my coat when I was called in already. Some people started to complain that I came in last and was called in first. It made me feel a bit guilty and I told the assistant. She said they should have chosen my dentist and not the other one. Mine works on time.

Well, he had a look and told me the bone below the implant is shrinking and the turns of the crew were visible. They should be treated each day in a special way, so I should see the hygienist to be told how.

So I went away and asked for an appointment at the desk.
The earliest opportunity: the end of february!!

Maybe I should ask an online dental hygienist how to clean the turns of the screw.


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