Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another mess at the pharmacy

The pharmacy we need to use for our meds is a real pain in the you-know-where.
Ofcourse it was my stupidity to order meds on friday.
I should have given them at least the relaxation of an afternoon without patients, so I should have ordered on wednesday.

And ofcourse I shouldn't have ordered my whole list of meds. The one that has been the same for so many years, except the diabetestablets, which have changed because the old ones were not throught to be safe enough, so now my glucose levels are all over the place again.

The intention of tghe system of doctor's recipes and pharmacies delivering them is that the pharmacies keep a close eye on what's ordered.

So I had to bring back certain antibiotics when I was pregnant, because I, myself, found out that I shouldn't take them, and I had to refuse recipes for meds that are bad for my asthma or contain too much sugar.
It was not the pharmacy who took care of that, I did.

Like when I discovered they gave the wrong dosage a couple of times, had the wrong pills in the box, etc etc etc.

Oh, the system is so caring!!

Last saturday the bag with meds was fetched and they had discovered there were no lancets on the recipe. Hmmm... not a real problem as I had enough of those.

The bag seemed to be far smaller than usual.
So I had a look.

Asthma meds were not present.
And the most important pills? I looked three times, emptied the bag on the couch, looked on the floor if maybe... They were not there.

I decided not to make a point of it and I ordered the meds again.
So that's a nice extra bill. Grrr. But the stress of finding out where the mistake was made: at the doctor's office or at the pharmacy, wasn't a good choice either.

This afternoon one of my daughters said to me she was going to fetch the pills, she didn't mind a bit of extra bicycling.

When they saw her they didn't ask for het ID, but called her father to ask if she was allowed to fetch the meds.
They can see in their system she's got the right age!! But they treated her like an 11 old one.

You understand I don't mind making that an issue, together with the missing meds.


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