Monday, September 12, 2011

Surprise, surprise

Ofcourse we had quite some talks to prepare just for the thought.
And we are all ready for it.
But we were still very surprised that today our autistic son made the announcement he felt he was ready to find a place to learn to love on his own.

The past months he has seen more conscious how fast things are changing in the care for people like him. His brothers had long term assistance of a social worker, he only got a few talks and then she tried to make him move to a facility. It scared the hell out of him.

Others changes and awereness issues were the fact that the government wants to take away the income of grown up people who are handicapped and live with their parents and the fact that we are growing older and don't have eternal life.

Add to it a chunk of male ego... one of the girls finishes school next year and might move to another town for further education, and he can beat his one level older brother by moving out earlier, and it's clear his decision is a motivated one.

His criticism on everyone here has been a subject of quite a few discussions, and I managed to swallow "mind your own business" and replace it with: "I hear you know what people should do in many situations, I can see you've grown up quite a bit".

So the big decision has been made.
We know a protected living environment which would be best for him and there's no waitinglist at the moment, so all depends on administration and all those other things that take lots of time and lots of energy.

So tomorrow morning I'll get in contact with the organisation that owns the place and we'll go from there.

I think we'll all benefit from the change.
I really think so.

I have full confidence he can live on his own with some support.
The past years I've seen a tremendous change into the positive direction with the oldest two. It's like they matured later, and living at their own place learned them to deal with their weaknesses and strengths far more independent than they would have done at home.
It's like autistic young people need an in-between-step between home and society, and this young man sure needs that step. So as long as it's possible we should grasp the chance.

We'll do.


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