Friday, September 30, 2011

Summer in autumn

During the summer we had 7 real summerdays, this september counted 4 of them and tomorrow will be another 1.

26.7 degrees celcius was officially recorded as the highest temperature, but locally temperatures of 29 degrees and even higher were recorded.

I wish I had been able to enjoy the sun, but there was too much to do.

We had a short meeting about the organisation of the paper.
There are in fact two groups. People who only do something when they feel like it and a group of enthousiastic people who are willing to invest time and energy.
My experience with working with volunteers is a good help, as is the training in editing I had a long time ago. Volunteers want to be valued and those who are eager to work should be able to do something worthwhile, whereas one also needs to keep in mind that the readers and advertisers need to be served too. Time enough to write, but not so much that the readers and advertisers walk away.
At the moment there's no one who is officially in charge.
I'm not waiting or wanting to be the one, but after the boss went ill the second one in charge just didn't take over as an organisor nor as a coordinator. A paper takes ages to grow and just a few weeks to wither, so someone should step in.
One of the reasons the person in question isn't too eager to take up his responsibilities is maybe the financial situation of the whole business.
I wish there was some financial expert who would volunteer with free advice.
Running a paper during recessiontime is hard, but running a free paper is a real challenge.



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